This studio class explores how visual thinking and design can engage and activate participation in building cities that respond to environmental challenges. Students conduct ground research and site analysis into a designated ‘hub’ along Broadway; our hub is Bowling Green in the financial district. The goal of the research has been to amass a knowledge base of natural and artificial conditions, historic transformations and current character, all of which will serve as a basis for action and participation in the design process. In addition to framing and mapping that research to the public, and academic partnerships, the studio will work in teams to implement a design intervention, anchored in the site, that will seek to activate local efforts to create a more sustainable city.

This site acts as a place for the Pratt Graduate Communications Design studio, Broadway 1,000 Steps, to collect and document work. See menu links to read individual proposals and research. This studio class is a Public Project engagement and is occurring in collaboration with the Mary Miss Studio and City as Living Laboratory. The class was led by Pratt faculty member, Jean Brennan.

2. Mapping the 1609 Shoreline_html_img_8.jpg

Image by student Heba Elmasry