“Inherent in tracing is the activity of revealing, of exposing the underlying structures, arguments, and assumptions of an issue...tracing is an act of ‘mark-making.’ To trace is to follow and record the presence and movement of an artifact, event, or idea. Within the construction of publics the tactic of tracing can be defined as the use of designerly forms to detail and communicate, and to make known, the network(s) of materials, actions, concepts, and values that shape and frame an issue over time.”
-Carl DiSalvo, ‘Design and the Construction of Publics’

Develop a learning tool that allows for public engagement on your selected issue.

You are not necessarily designing a ‘solution’ to the issue, but rather a framing and shaping of the topic that may allow for new insight. Consider a form that is appropriate to both your topic and audience. Possibilities include but are not limited to: workbook, audio recording, game, toolkit, broadsheet, etc. Employ your primary research to develop the learning tool.

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