Assignment 2: Actor Network Mapping

Actor Network Theory serves as a resource & learning tool that can help us capture, catalog and communicate the network of factors surrounding any given topic. Following a site visit to the park and the NMAI Museum tour, we printed photos and made lists of what we had noted in the space. In teams of two, students organized these objects, users, and factors/actors into maps highlighting relationships with string.


1. List factors/actors.

2. Prioritize. Select 10, put rest in side pile.

3. Categorize into groups. Iterate, add add’l cards as desired.

4. Identify a point of entry or focus.

5. Map connections with string.

6. Freewrite.

Questions to consider:
what are all the factors that come into play?
what are all the existing relationships?
where might unexpected connections, potential coalitions, be discovered?
what are the points of leverage where a design intervention may offer value or change?