Concept and design by Janice Rudan

From the Dutch encounter to the Revolutionary War and onward to the present day, the landscape of Mannahatta continues to change. Today the area surrounding Bowling Green is utilized for trading, commerce, residential, industrial, tourism, transportation, public facilities and institutions. Through the ever-changing culture, populations and land usage, the tip of Mannahatta no longer wears the same face. However, there is a wealth of historical markers that could be used to promote inquiry, awareness, and social engagement to gain not only appreciation for the past, but perspective and agency in the future.

I am interested in transforming the city into a more historically aware social and cultural environment. In response, I have designed a scavenger hunt game that serves as a scaffold for engagement, educational tool for secondary schools, or an opportunity to connect locals and tourists. This project encourages a naturalistic relationship to the world using Lenape mythology and explores game mechanics particularly role-playing techniques to curate the city.


Images Provided by Participants

Interviews at Bowling Green

Project Proposal: Scavenger Hunt Game Design (image of booklet below)

Visual Research Response: History and Land Use (poster)

Visual Research Response: Lenape Values (poster)